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-William Shakespeare

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Over the moon?

Maybe, I guess a little bit! I went to the RE's office to turn in my paperwork this morning and they scheduled me on the spot for an appointment Monday! Yeah, me! Seems they will do the testing I want but wouldn't do anything to "enhance" a pregnancy until we get that damned piece of paper!

All in all it's a good thing and wow, I can get answers! I only want answers to see if I am as the chromosomal studies came back and said "normal!" What ever the hell normal really is! I've never felt normal.

So, questions to you all...what do I need to ask for? What tests should I have done and where should I go from here? All the help I can get would be greatly appreciated! I have a list of lab work, from one good friend now I need the rest of what should be done before we proceed to make a baby!


Katie said...
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Katie said...

I am glad that they will do the testing after all. Our situations are very different, but here is what I had done for repeat loss testing.

1. Full karyotyping on me AND my husband (that's the chromosomal panel)
2. HSG (to make sure your tubes are clear, but I doubt you need this)
3. Endometrial biopsy (though I doubt you need this either)
4. Day 3 Bloodwork (FSH - measures egg quality)
5. Lupus blood test
6. Factor V, VII, VIII, X blood testing (clotting factors)
7. NK cell testing

I am forgetting some, but these were the main tests. I think there is a list on Lost and Found, too.

Good luck, I really hope that they find some answers!

Amy said...

Katie thank you! We have your #1, 5 & 6 already. Whew, thankfully they are out of the way! So, I will make sure to write downt the rest and see what they say and thanks for the tip on L&F!

Becky said...

Answers are a good thing. I got nothing to offer save from a "Yay for Monday!"

c. said...

Just wanted to say, YAY, Amy! Happy to hear answers are forthcoming. Yay, again!

STE said...

Glad you're moving forward and feeling good about it!!

As for testing, I would also check out MTHFR (don't ask me what it stands for) and Protein S and Protein C levels. The Homozygous MTHFR genetic mutation affects your folic acid processing and clotting factors (heterozygous does not); Protein S & C also affect clotting and folic acid, too, I think.

That's all I've got for now. Wishing you peace and luck in this part of your journey!

Coggy said...

So glad things are moving quickly for you. I have no idea on the tests so I'll leave you in the capable hands of others with that one.

Antigone said...

OH What great news! Having just been through all the RE tests here's what I would suggest:

1) Day 3 Hormones
2) Hyper Coag Panel
3) APA Panel
4) Genetic Screening (karyotyping for you and the dad)
5) Prolactin, TSH, Fasting Glucose bloodwork
6) HSG (xray) and then hysteroscopy
7) Baseline Ultrasound and Doppler

Good Luck!!!