Good night, sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...
-William Shakespeare

It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.
-Rose Kennedy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Three in one...

So I thought I would share three things in one post. The 3rd being a question that relates to the second thing!
# 1 being, I dislocated my knee on the first of the month. No, it's not something new to me, I have done this before, I have had the problem with both knees since my early teens. Yeah, for me, the older you get the harder it is to recover! I am essentially on bed rest. I cannot drive for 3 more weeks and I am not happy! I have too much to do this month!

Yes, there is a knee on the right and yes, my legs really are that big!!

So on to # 2:
We had a Walk to Remember yesterday. It was healing and sad but well worth the pain and the sit in the wheel chair! Yes, I had to sit for 2 hours as I couldn't stand on my bum knee!

William's Balloons, released by Mommy, Daddy, Grammi, Aunt B, B & L.

Our T-shirts, I love seeing his name in print!

Now, on to #3! Shan and I were talking after the walk yesterday and we both thought it would be cool if everytime a balloon was released in memory of our children there was a website people could log on to to read the story of that child and publish a comment as to where the balloon ended up. Sort of like tracing the steps our children take even though they are not here. So what do you all think of that? It is going to be a project for me, my way of knowing that William touches other people's hearts. So what do you think? Is this a good idea and is it someithing you would be interested in doing? You know, writing a post about your child and then getting comments on where your balloons are found? Let me know!


~S said...

Like I said before, this is a fabulous idea, and I'd be happy to help any way I can.

SO Sorry about your knee. I know it's bad. I'm going to send that book out to you tomorrow.

I'm going to give you a buzz her in a minute, too. Not that I don't already talk to you 20 times a day! :-)

janis said...

oh no, Amy!! :( I am sorry and hope you feel better soon. I would feel frustrated too...

I think writing about the child is a wonderful idea, I just am not sure how the balloons can somehow be tracked? I was always afraid some wildlife will find the burst pieces and eat them *gulp*

Take good care of yourself n rest that knee!

G said...

Amy! Both of us and our driving legs! Ugh! :(

So glad the walk was lovely.

And it's a lovely idea. Worth a shot :)

c. said...

Hope your knee is better soon, Amy. I'd be all over the bedrest thing, though. Does Shan wait on you hand and foot?

As for the balloon idea, I love it. But, and I don't want to be the parade pisser here, don't the balloons just end up soaring really high and then popping because of the pressure? I just assumed that is what happened. I'd love to know I assumed wrong.

Aunt Becky said...

I love the idea of the balloon, Amy. It's a good one.

Hope your knee feels better soon! And if not, I hope that you have massive quantities of Vicodin.

Cara said...

Feel better. I love the balloon idea too. We released some on Emma's first birthday with messages in them.

No idea if they pop or make it across the ocean..but I'd love to find out.

Coggy said...

I think this is such a good idea. I sometimes wonder who might have found J's balloons and what they might have thought. We attached tags to the balloons so even if they burst some trace of them should be evident. Maybe people could add tags to their balloons too.

I really hope your knee gets better soon. It sounds so painful, but I'm a bit funny about knees and knee pain. I'm odd that way.

Also love your Tshirt ;o)

Big hugs K x xx

k@lakly said...

Ouch! Hope it heels perfectly and like Aunt Becky, hope you have lots of vitamin V...:)
Balloon idea is great and the t-shirts were beautiful!